Standing Out from the Crowd

Quality content on your website and social media platforms is the best way to ensure that you are standing out from the crowd. With billions of websites on the internet it is one of the sure ways that businesses and organisations can show up on search engine page rankings. Good content is the underlying key for organic SEO. Written communication is becoming more and more important in the 21C, especially in the digital realm. Informative, well written, accessible and targeted content can make a world of difference to your online marketing. Standing out from the crowd in the virtual space is all about the content on display.

Quality Content Delivers Readers & Customers

Neglecting your language skills in both the written and verbal formats is a big mistake in the modern age. Outsourcing your content to SEM specialists can be one way forward, but, ultimately, you need to have your fingers on the wheel. Driverless cars might be just around the corner; but content that reflects what your business or organisation is really about can only be achieved through your involvement. SEO companies, often, pay peanuts to online writers in the third world to create your content, and if you want to read uninspiring and disjointed copy it is there for the eye to see.

A Portal Offering a Niche Product

Whatever your website is promoting it can benefit from great content. It might be a portal offering niche products, which are not readily available through the bigger outlets. Things like ethical beauty and environmentally friendly products are achieving great results online. A great website, which informs the reader about the topic and provides access to purchasing specialist products and services, will succeed where lesser sites will fail. In today’s world people are on the go and doing business at the same time.

A Good-Looking Website Bristling with Content

Another example is the proliferation of online education and training websites, where people can access information about courses and study. Career opportunities can take you places, whatever the industry or sector. A good-looking website bristling with brilliant content will attract potential clients and inspire them to take action. The content on your site must reflect the ideas inherent within your business and the passion in the heart of those running it. Standing our from the crowd is only possible with unique, exclusive, high quality content shining a beacon upon the waiting audience.


Why Outsourcing Content Writing for SEO Makes Sense

What happens if you need to create 500 compelling contents every week? Do you think you can still handle the load or is outsourcing an attractive option? This is the time when outsourcing content writing makes sense particularly for search engine optimization.

Digital marketing may seem to be a simple task that can be easily handled by an intern or someone who is just new on the job. Well, this may be true if you are handling just a couple of contents and do not have attract multiple markets.

Content Creation

What if you have an in-house staff, can’t they handle it? Perhaps, but, then again, you need to consider the operational challenge involved in creating content that is not only compelling, but consistent as well. How much manpower are you willing to dedicate to come up with brand-compliant contents that has the power of converting readers to customers?

Quite possibly you have an extremely talented in-house staff that can do the work with quality and precision. But at what cost? Don’t you think that outsourcing content writing for search engine optimization makes sense if it can bring down your operational costs? Have you even thought about scalability?

You have to consider the reality that there are limitations to what your in-house staff can producer regardless how excellent they are. If you outsource your content writing, you can be tapping into a production engine that has access to hundreds of writers that can easily output anywhere from 100 to 5,000 articles a week depending on your needs.

So what happens to your in-house staff? This gives them the luxury of focusing on marketing and content strategies  that will help you maximize the outputs of the content writing. The secret to successful content creation campaigns is to ensure the compelling stories are told. This helps not only to catch, but hold onto the attention of your target market.

The reality is that not everyone is a natural storyteller or a talented writer. If you don’t have this on your team, then all your content creation campaigns would fail. Therefore, it is only logical to outsource to crafty content writers who can do more than a decent job at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house staff.

Staying Flexible

As a business person, how valuable is the ability to dial volumes up or down? Or do away with having to d eal with fixed staffing costs even during lean months? The answer, extremely valuable. Why? Because it gives you greater control over your finances.

Now, you also need to understand that as a business owner, it is not necessary to learn everything. By outsourcing content writing or creation, you can easily dial your volume up or down without having to worry about excessive staffing. Instead of learning how you can be successful at content marketing, you can let experts take care of that so you can focus at what you need to do, which is run the business. This also prevents you from being overwhelmed by all the details and intricacies.

Editorial Quality

Did you know that for most ecommerce businesses, quality editorial work is not their strong suit? For most online businesses, maintaining quality and consistency of content over various languages can be quite challenging.

But if you choose to outsource your content writing, you can benefit from the skills of companies that post less than 0.3% error rate. Without having to delve into details you will be able to create large volume of contents from a pool of dedicated writers and editors using time tested techniques. This can translate to a surge in your sales figures.

How good are you with social media? This is a time consuming activity that can turn frustrating if you do not really know what you are doing. The truth is that social media campaigns must appear several times a day to become effective and generate response. So instead of being overwhelmed by all the noise and activity online, why not consider outsourcing content writing for your search engine optimization.

Speak Globally

How many of your in-house staff can write in different languages? How about someone who has detailed knowledge of linguistics, culture, and shopping habits? These are all factors that you must look into seriously regardless whether you are looking to expand or not.

Outsourcing can give you the luxury of speaking globally while operating locally. Many content writers are capable of creating contents that can cut through various markets and adapt your content to appeal to local audiences. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, speaking your customer’s language is important if you want to achieve conversion.

Another important fact that you should know is that any company that is in expansion requires outsourcing of content writing. Why? Aside from not being able to produce enough materials to achieve your goals, it is virtually impossible to create content and focus on expansion simultaneously. Eventually one will suffer.

Considering that expansion requires concentrated effort, it would be worth investing in outsourcing your content writing. This will help you achieve your business goals while ensuring that you successfully expand the reach of your business.

Content Strategy

Whenever you maintain an in-house staff, you are facing tremendous costs. This can balloon to uncontrollable expenses over time, especially if you are not getting the results that you need. In order to make sure that you get acceptable returns on your investment, you need to double your marketing efforts.

This is where content strategy becomes important. The question is, how familiar are you with content strategy? You can always hire of course, but what would you do once you no longer need their services? Fire them? By outsourcing content writing, there is no need to go through the cycle of hiring and firing content strategy experts. Remember, one of the benefits of outsourcing is flexibility so this becomes a more cost effective option for you.

It is a given that outsourcing may cost a bit more on the surface, but, if you compute it in terms of returns on your investment, you may be surprised to find out that it is worth it. Keep in mind that many individual writers are not adept at content strategy advertising, they are quite limited so the level of output you get will be somewhat less.

Compared to outsourcing where content marketing is their core competence, you will get the benefit of content based on what you really need. This means getting writers to create content based on your content strategy goals.

It is understandable why business owners may be reluctant in going into outsourcing of their content creation. Most common reason is that they are afraid of losing control over the creation process. The truth is that by outsourcing content writing you are actually enforcing and strengthening your control over how your content marketing campaign is executed. Why? Because you have the right to reject or request revisions of the contents if you are not satisfied.

This is why outsourcing content writing for search engine optimization makes sense.

How to Write Content for the Web

Writing online, especially when it comes to digital marketing, is very different than writing a journal, a book, or any other kind of offline written media. Although there are plenty of bad examples to be had, the truth is that you have only a few moments to gain a reader’s attention online before they will start to seek other sources. That is why when writing online, you need to follow three simple steps: it must be concise, engaging, and informative.

It’s very easy to try and tell your whole life story and the story of your extended family when you are writing online, and there really are no rules about how much or how little you can write. But concise writing is an art form in the key to success. Your writing needs to be tight and to the point. Writing that meanders, goes off topic, talks about unimportant things, or goes for too long on unrelated topics are ones that are going to be ignored, get skipped, or worse yet – drive potential clients off of a website. There are websites where people spend five or six pages talking about how they started the business, when all clients want is information on their pricing. Don’t be like that! Make sure that the information that the client is looking for is easy and quick to be found.

It is also important for your writing to be engaging. Just because writing online isn’t like writing a book doesn’t mean that your content gets to be boring. Engaging content can look like sharing a brief story about how somebody’s life was changed or telling how a business can be turned around or making your sales pitch for why they simply cannot live without your product or service. This sales pitch needs to be one of the strongest portions of your site because this is what is going to convince them to buy your product or service.

The last step in web content writing is it must be informative. It does you no good to have engaging content and concise information if the customer still doesn’t have a firm understanding of what you’re selling, why he needs it, or how much it’s going to cost her. These are the big three that a customer needs to know – why she should go with your service or product, what your service or product is, and an indication of pricing.

This is one of the primary reasons that people hire a digital marketing agency copywriter. By bringing on a professional, you can ensure that your information is easy for your clients and potential customers to find and that it allows you a greater amount of confidence that your site is made up to professional level standards. This can be especially helpful if you have never run a business before or are just starting your business online. Don’t get caught with a second-rate website, be sure you ensure that your clients have all the information they need to go with the best service provider around, you!

Why books should always be a go-to for Entrepreneurs

For any new and experienced entrepreneur, learning will never stop. They say that experience is the best teacher, but it wouldn’t help at all if they use other resources like business entrepreneurship books and special services for those selling their business that are provided by AnyBusiness. With more knowledge, the more the entrepreneur will figure out how he or she will go about with their business. Also, with the knowledge gained through these resources, they will know how to manage their business in a smart and wise manner. Overall, resources like books and consultancy are very important in order to make any type of business flourish.

entrepreneur books - AnybusinessBooks as the primary resource

There are many businessmen who use books as their primary learning resource. These are considered trusted since they are usually written by the best entrepreneurs themselves. This is also one way of learning more about their thinking process and gaining insight from their own personal experiences. As recommended by AnyBusiness, the premier Australian website that can help any entrepreneur in finding businesses for sale, some of the best business entrepreneurship books are “The Effective Executive” by Peter Drucker, “Business Adventures” by John Brooks, and “The Fire Starter Sessions” by Danielle LaPorte. There are many great books out there that are just valuable in terms of insight and knowledge so feel free to add some titles to these recommendations. These are readily available whether in physical form or in digital form.

Stay on top of the game

Business entrepreneurship books tend to be timeless in terms of content, but some devalue through time as well. It is best to read the ones with the latest publication date so that the reader will be assured that the solutions and insights provided in the book are still relevant to this date. The book would be not of great use either if the knowledge that the book imparts isn’t of good use anymore. Also, the author must have a good background in entrepreneurship and they must retain a good name. Not all authors are worthy of crafting their very own books, so it is best to go for writers who actually know what they are talking about. The book must be a reflection of the author.

With AnyBusiness, any businessman will be assured that they will get up-to-date news and the latest listings available in the area. Additionally, the website makes selling businesses easier than ever for proprietors. Overall, AnyBusiness is helpful for many entrepreneurs in both selling and buying their dream businesses. The website is a good enabler for those who want to see their entrepreneurial dreams alive. They offer services beyond listings like assistance in finding a broker and trying to figure out the selling value of a specific business.

Just like in school, books are essential in learning and in doing well. Any good businessman has a library of books about the subject matter whether in their homes or offices. They are great when it comes to looking back, and if the businessman needs a bit of insight when they are encountering problems in their establishments. These books are reliable since they are always available for use. AnyBusiness is just as accessible to prospective clients, and all it takes is just a few taps on their device in order to get the job done – much like how it only takes one gesture to open a book to gain knowledge and insight.

Be open for advice

For all businessmen out there, it is best if they don’t have the mindset that they are already the best. That kind of arrogance has no place since it usually becomes the source of any business’ downfall. All businessmen must be open to the knowledge the business entrepreneurship books will provide, but it is important that they translate that knowledge in a way that fits best to their business. It’s one thing to learn, but it’s a completely different story when it comes to adapting that knowledge to their environment and circumstances. Websites like AnyBusiness, which aims to assist those who want to take a look at listed businesses for sale, will merely serve as guides to entrepreneurs, as at the end of the day, they will still call the shots.

Any entrepreneur needs help and guidance along the way, which is why there are many books about the subject and very helpful services like AnyBusiness out there. Knowledge and insight serve as the foundation for any person in whatever they do. Books are undeniably a very good resource, but there’s nothing like actual experience to keep the ball going. There’s no such thing as a surplus of insights and assistance. Every entrepreneur must not be afraid to check out what’s new and what else is there to learn. No harm will be done by getting knowledge, so just feel free to grab a book or engage in a conversation with an employee or customer to gain some insight.

Gaining SEO Knowledge the Right Way

The world of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is quite deep and it involves a lot of facets. Some of these are the art of link auditing through Link Detox and link building – both of which are highly essential when it comes to the trade. For those in the business, they must be equipped with enough knowledge regarding these facets, as these will make their own techniques be more effective and efficient. Books regarding this matter are just one of the many resources a practitioner can refer to for them to know more about it.

Why it’s important

SEO BOOKS - Link DetoxSEO books will teach about link auditing via Link Detox and link building and why they matter. When it comes to the latter, it is important because bad links come every now and then – and this is something that needs to be monitored, otherwise, there will be a visible decline in results. Detox-ing links by definition is basically an audit of dead and bad links. The tool will do the filtering for the said user so that they wouldn’t go through the chore of cleaning them up themselves. If these faulty links are filtered, the page rank and search engine optimization can definitely be affected. This serves as maintenance and sort of a preservation of their site rank at the time. This also serves as quality control, and it helps websites to retain their “value” in the digital space.

Without this audit, websites may face the risk of being reprimanded by Google for not being able to keep up with their standards. Without link auditing through LinkDetox, website owners may also lose money as well. This is just one branch of SEO that is vital in order to be effective and efficient. This, alongside link building, will keep everything at an “optimal” level.

Keep it “optimal”

When it comes to link building, being creative with it can yield great return. It is basically the trade of getting external websites to link a particular website. This creates a network of legitimate and quality websites that have more or less the same level of credibility and legitimacy online. This is a very common method used in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If a website is linked by a legitimate website or a site that has high traffic, it’ll increase the rank of the page and of course, the amount of hits. There are lots of books regarding this, so it’s better to start reading up on it.

Why it helps

Link building and link auditing through the tool Link Detox are essential in all things SEO or Search Engine Optimization. These must be practiced in order to generate the best results for the websites, whether it may be for page ranks or for drives to site. This is more important for those who are practicing content marketing, as they are dependent on the links. Knowledge about the matter is needed if they want to know what will work for them the best. These are highly technical methods that need proper reading, research, and practice, and there are enough material from books that could help anyone to learn more about it.

The current state of slavery in Australia

It would be surprising to the rest of the world that slavery and forced labour are still present in Australia. Although this has taken a modern form, this human rights issue is still very much around to this day. Some cases involve sex workers that are in bad working conditions, factory and construction workers that work extreme hours while getting little pay and it’s even present in a more private context where women are forced into their relationships. Thankfully there are many Australian anti-slavery books available in the market that help educate the people about this pressing and disturbing issue.

History in Australia

slavery in AustraliaBased on recent research, legalized slavery and forced labour was present in Australia, and the history from Australian anti-slavery books say that those from aboriginal descent were taken from their homes and forced to work at sugar plantations and lands for cattle for little to no pay. There were also reports of stolen wages as well. The aboriginals during the 1860s to 1870s were forced to work for up to 16 hours, submitting them to extreme exhaustion and trauma. The reports say that they had no choice but to comply to the captors, and they regret not being able to live and work for their dreams- and they certainly weren’t in the plantations and cattle properties.

Throughout the years, more and more laws were implemented in order to protect them from the harsh conditions of slavery and forced labour. Australian anti-slavery books mention that it was up until the 1970s when the whole concept was abolished, and they got their freedom again. However, in 1824, slavery in all forms was officially illegal in the country. Today, those whose lineage have been victims of this human rights issue are now fully protected and they could guarantee that they won’t fall under prey again.

Australian law says that those who are caught practicing slavery in any form could serve as long as 25 years in prison. The Commonwealth Criminal Code Act of 1995 is a slavery and forced labour victim’s key into getting protected and being given justice today. Forced marriage also falls under this law – and this is a more modern form of the human rights issue.

Other forms

According to Australian anti-slavery books, forced marriage and sexual exploitations fall under the categories as well. In forced marriage, women – usually minors, as usually paid off to marry much older men .Those who usually fall prey to this are foreign workers looking for an easy ticket for a visa and those daughters who come from highly impoverished families. This could equate to slavery since they have been forced to be tied to an unwanted marriage, and they’ve been robbed of a decent future.

Sexual exploitation is also a form of forced labour. Sex workers usually work with very bad conditions and their bosses don’t exactly give them enough protection for them to surely get out alive each time. The sex business is one of the biggest industries that involve human trafficking. Normally, the bosses “dispatch” women to clients and they get most of the women’s pay. This leaves the women living on almost nothing, and they have no choice but to stay because they are usually threatened by the boss if they even think of doing so. Most, if not everyone, in the sex business are merely forced and tricked into being in the industry that they are in. Australian anti-slavery books will say that the sex industry in Australia is one of the biggest, thus, enabling this modern form of slavery and forced labour.

How we’re fighting

There are now many organizations in Australia that have this cause. Anti-Slavery Australia is a non-government organization that “works to abolish slavery.” Human Trafficking Org in Australia is also one of the most prominent NGOs that are fighting with them. This has also spilled over to the academe, as there are regular classes that aim to educate students about the history of slavery and forced labour – just like how it was told in Australian anti-slavery books.

Universities have been very aggressive in educating the youth about this rather sensitive part of Australian history. Jennifer Burn, the director of Anti-Slavery Australia, is also a professor at the University of Technology Sydney. She teaches human trafficking and law reform. This is quite perfect for her as she uses the school in spreading the word about her advocacy. With the help of Australian anti-slavery books, she could also back up her lessons with facts and research.

What you can do

For an immigrant hoping to work in Australia, one must look up very thoroughly about Australian labor laws and fair wages so that they know if they truly are getting in the country in a legitimate way. This is crucial in order to be extra sure that they’ll be living decently and well once they get into the country. The individual must look up the company, and if they feel like they are getting into something dodgy, they must ask questions to the employer and they can even check and verify the company details with the Australian government.

If an individual thinks that a person is a victim of slavery and forced labour, they must not hesitate to contact anyone to help them get them out of their situation. There are many ways of knowing if one is a victim, from their little habits to the way they tell you stories. The victims are also usually afraid to voice out what’s on their mind, and it is important to be patient with them. The key here is to let someone know, and to provide a safe haven towards the victims. An individual could also offer a shoulder to cry on, as these victims are sure to be traumatised with their experience, and even the least amount of support could mean the world to them.

Medical Credentialing Books: An Excellent Tool for Your New Australian Medical Credentialing Business

medical credentialing bookThe rise in popularity of medical credentialing services may have given you the idea to put up your own medical credentialing business. That’s a great start because health care is a delicate industry that requires precision and accuracy, and medical credentialing has proven to be very efficient in achieving that goal. However, with the wide scope that the credentialing process entails, you may need the help of medical credentialing books to guide you on what will be the best practices you need to implement for your new business.

What Exactly Is Medical Credentialing?

Medical credentialing is the process of acquiring the necessary information about a physician or any other medical professional to substantiate his or her qualifications, educational backgrounds, licences, and certifications to legally practice within a specific medical field.

This process is very exhaustive and time-consuming because it involves going to the primary sources of the:

  • Medical Education
    It will confirm that the medical practitioner indeed went to the claimed medical school or other medical institutions for his or her medical and post-graduate studies,including the number of credits and hours rendered, to serve as evidence, etc.
  • Internships
    The credentialing process must also verify the number of hours that the doctor rendered for his or her internships, fellowships, and residencies in the specified hospitals and other medical facilities.
  • Board Certifications
    The doctor must be a certified board passer. Other certifications the doctor presents will also be assessed for authenticity by contacting the specific board or organisations that gave them.
  • Licences
    Government licences are also scrutinised for their truthfulness. All other licences that the medical practitioner will provide also needs tobe verified for authenticity.

Medical Credentialing Books to Help You Become a Certified Specialist

If you are starting your own medical credentialing business, it is best if you are a Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist yourself or can hire one who is. In order to become an eligible candidate for the medical credentialing certification exam, you have to be currently working within the medical services field for at least 1 year during the time of your application and you need to have a total of 3 years’ working experience in the same field for the past 5 years.

Having a Certified Credentialing Specialist in your business is extremely beneficial because the Specialist is the one responsible for many key procedures for your medical credentialing business. He or she is tasked to do the following:

  1. To maintain your business’ compliance with important regulatory and accrediting bodies of your state or country.
  2. To participate in developing and implementing important credentialing processes and procedure, including new techniques and methods.
  3. For the collection and maintenance of an accurate database of practitioners and then analysing the verification of information.
  4. To participate or oversee the development and adherence of your business to:
    1. Department laws and regulations;
    2. Governing bylaws; and
    3. Policies regarding medical staff, other health practitioners, and the organisation

There are many booksthat can help you pass the medical credentialing certification exam, and also improve your knowledge and understanding of the medical credentialing process. Some of these helpful books and guides include the following:

The Credentialing Handbook by Sheryl K Deutsch and Christine Mobley
This handbook offers a comprehensive guide on helping you better understand and master the whole medical credentialing process for any health care setting. It contains checklists, flowcharts, sample forms, and other correspondences related to the medical credentialing process. It aims to give you a practical walk-through on every aspect, from the application for credentialing, to appointment setting, and even the re-credentialing procedure.

Physician Credentialing and Peer Review Answer Book by The Aspen Health Law Centre
This book provides in-depth information on the mechanics of hospital credentialing process, which includes the involvement of the hospital’s medical staff, administrative personnel, and its board of trustees. It also discusses guides on dealing with subjective judgment for the hospital administration, such as hiring a health practitioner with disciplinary history and what privileges can be given to that health care practitioner. The process of the re-credentialing is also discussed here.

Physician Credentialing: A Guide for Physician Office Staff by Veronica Rosas, CPCS
This is a resource book that teaches you all the important steps of the medical credentialing process. It provides you with effective techniques on how to maintain current credentials for health care providers who are currently employed and are given privileges by a hospital, or other medical facilities. It also tackles the proper ways to manage the credentialing of new physicians.

Attempting for Excellence in the Medical Credentialing Business

Since medical credentialing is a daunting process that imposes strict compliance, your business will be able to persist through various trying times if you constantly attempt for high quality and excellent medical credentialing services. This starts with extensively knowing the basic but extremely important process of medical credentialing certification. Learning from books can certainly go a long way in instituting a strong foundation for your new business.

How Furniture Picking Turns Into a Parenting Approach in Australia

Why it’s good to pick our own

Australian themed furniture is unarguably of international calibre. We’re talking about the variety of equipment we put in our homes, the stuff we grew with. Imagine the children’s tables and high chair sets you and your siblings had when you were young. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll remember, but you had the softest cot mattress in the entire town as a tot. You had neat stuff and cool kids’ furniture, and now it’s your turn to buy that cloud-like kids furniture baby cotbaby cot for your own little bundle of joy.

It’s true that there are different avenues to work with. There are also tons of things to do to obtain what we need and want, but the single best thing about buying local is accessibility. There’s nothing better than going shopping and personally picking what you want in your child’s bedroom and playroom.

Hands-on and thorough

You’ve probably been through hundreds of pictures, and have read different reviews and recommendations. But it really all boils down to making that important decision of picking the best for your baby. To know what’s best, you have to identify what’s good, which things are better and what the best option is. That’s where it sometimes gets complicated. Things get badly mixed up.

It’s right to educate yourself before you arrive at making conclusions, but be careful not to confuse yourself in the process. If you’re a first time parent then you most likely have a lot of fears. You’re scared that your preference may not be what’s best suited for your toddler, but really, only you can decide that. The stuff you read on the internet and from parenting books are merely guides. They’ll teach you a thing or two but firsthand experience is still the best teacher.

Looking forward

Parenthood is a wonderful gift. You often see yourself watching your child sleep on that new baby cot you recently bought for her. It’s amazing how a small gesture like this can bring so much peace and tranquility to you even though you’ve been stressed the whole day. While looking at your baby, you’ll realize that eventually, sooner or later, she’ll grow up. She’ll need a bigger cot mattress and other cool kids’ furniture. You’ll find yourself playing with your little doll pretending to be at a coffee shop, with you sitting on the floor while she’s preparing drinks on her children’s table and chair set.

You want their childhood to be the best childhood they’ll have since they will only experience it once. Realizing the importance of this is vital in shaping your child’s retention and progression. Generally speaking, kids who enjoyed their childhood tend to grow up to be good adult individuals.

It’s okay to spoil a child, just don’t spoil him rotten. Buy him all the toys he can play with and let him act his age. Eventually when he grows older, he may have better preferences in choosing which furniture he wants in his little kingdom.

The Best Books for Your Business

Do I need to read?

Running a business can be a tricky thing. It’s a continuous process, and really, there’s no single ample solution to every problem that may arise. We’ve seen dozens and dozens of books being sold in bookstores and online, promising that they will solve problems about business planning or the succession planning process in case you finally want to enjoy your retirement.But the million dollar question is, do they really deliver?

No matter what business you have, various experts offer to give answers to all your questions. Because there are countless varieties to choose from, and since we do not want to waste precious time and money on something that doesn’t help, we’ll try to be as stringent as possible. We’d rather choose from what really are the best business books.

What book can ‘really’ help

business books Craig WestA great pick for this category are Craig West’s critically acclaimed books – ‘Enjoy It’; ‘Build It’ and ‘Protect It’. Craig West is the founding owner of Succession Plus, Australia’s largest top tier strategic firm that offers expert advice on exit planning and succession. In 2010, he joined the Exit Planning Institute in the United States, thus becoming a Certified Expert Planning Advisor (CEPA). Four years later, he was awarded the prestigious ‘Exit Planner of the Year’ award for the tremendous accomplishments he had contributed to the field.

His book ‘Enjoy It’ is a one stop guide for small and medium business owners. It details a 21-step succession planning processthat every business owner should know about. It stresses the importance of preparing yourself for future endeavors in the event that you decide to leave your business or sell your assets.

He also recognizes the importance of having consistently high performing manpower. With ‘Build It’, he concentrates on giving guidelines on how to bring out the best in your workers by motivating them to strive and reach for their best potential.

‘Protect It’, another one of his books, teaches us the importance of asset protection. From years of extensive knowledge and invaluable experience, he knows and understands that a lot of entrepreneurs make the fatal mistake of not protecting their property. Since most businessmen consume a lot of their time and energy focusing on making their business grow, they sometimes tend to forget something extremely vital in keeping things intact, securing their assets.In this book, he made a 6-step guide that would help business owners know how they can safeguard the things that they worked extremely hard for.

Learn from the expert

Craig West understands the risks of not being proactive; of not knowing what to do under the worst circumstances, so he offers advice that are not only beneficial but relevant to all business owners as well. His tips are efficient and practical, as he treats each client with respect and high regard. He knows his way around the complicated world of business and he never gets tired of sharing his expertise to each and every aspiring entrepreneur that would take time to listen.