Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Awards

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Societies award and many groups works of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Whether you’re searching to get some acknowledgement for your own work, or seeking a great read, these awards are worth checking out!

Let us look at a couple of the groups.

Hugo Award:

Gernsback is the creator of the science fiction magazine “Amazing Stories.”

The award is also called the Science Fiction Achievement Award, and is granted yearly by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) for fantasy and science fiction works for the previous year. Winners and nominees are selected by members of WSFS.

Best Novelette, Best Short Story, Best Connected Publication, Best Semiprozine, Best Professional Artist, Best Editor Long Form, Greatest Editor Brief Form, Greatest Fanzine, Best Fan Artist, Best Fan Writer

The Nebula Award:

The Nebula is an award granted annually by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), for the greatest science fiction/fantasy fiction released in America during both preceding years.

A work instantly qualifies for the present year’s preliminary Nebula ballot, when it has received ten nominations. The final ballot is then voted on by SFWA members.

The classifications for Nebula Awards:

World Fantasy Award

The World Fantasy awards are considered among the most prestigious awards granted to speculative fiction (including fantasy and science fiction) This award started in 1975, and is granted annually at the World Fantasy Convention. What’s distinct about this kind of award (as opposed to Nebula and Hugo) is that judges oversee it.

Awards granted by WFC:

British Fantasy Society Awards

These awards are given yearly by the British Fantasy Society (BFS) to honor horror and fantasy fiction.

Classifications for the BFSA:

Novel, Novella, Short Fiction, Collection, Anthology, Little Press, Artist, Nonfiction

Aurora Awards

The Prix Aurora Award is the fantasy award in Canada. The first Aurora was presented to expatriate Canadian writer A. E. Van Vogt. It was subsequently called The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Award.

The Arurora awards are selected in exactly the same way as by nominations, the Hugo Awards and voting by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.

Some of the types of Aurora Awards:

Mythopoeic Awards

The finalists and winners are decided by a committee of Mythopoeic Society members and are declared at Mythcon.

Awards are granted in the following groups:

Mature Literature and Children’s Literature

Every one of these awards have their own sites, and I highly recommend seeing with them. You may locate additional info on each, guidelines for entries and submissions, along with a list of previous winners.