seo booksIt has become the common trend today to turn to the Internet to learn a new skill. However, time has proven that nothing beats actual printed books that you can physically hold and turn the pages on. The same applies to people wanting to learn the relatively new techniques of SEO and online marketing.There may be countless SEO books online but starting to learn SEO through actual printed materials can go a long way in establishing a strong foundation for the SEO newbie.

Further, most SEO e-books available for free on the Internet tend to tackle only the very basics. They pale in comparison to the well-thought out and more comprehensive details on printed SEO books. This is why paying for a few dollars for these valuable printed books can become a real investment.

Tips in Choosing the Right Printed Books

It’s important to keep in mind a few tips should you decide to shell out money for these printed SEO books. The most important aspect in determining a good book is to check out the author. Check if the author has experience in the subject matter. If he does, then he probably knows what he’s writing about. Then, check for reviews on newspapers or magazines and online sites like Amazon. If most reviews on the book are good, then it should be a good buy.

Here are examples of great SEO books you can buy today:

“Search Engine Optimization for Dummies” written by Peter Kent
As the name suggests, this book was written with the beginner in mind—presenting SEO concepts so that they are easy to understand. Since new editions of this book are constantly published, you are ensured to get the latest information and relevant SEO techniques, including how to undertake a Google penalty recovery, latest trend in social media, and so on.

“SEO for Content Writers and PR Pros” written by Phil Byrne
This is one of the SEO books that focuses on content-based SEO. It provides great advice on the importance and uses of website content, blog posts, PR articles, etc. It gives SEO newbies an excellent idea on how to translate into writing what your website visitors really want, and then market them the best way possible on the Internet.

“SEO Step-By-Step: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Getting Traffic from Google” written by Caimin Jones
This is a good beginner’s guide to those starting with SEO and those who want to brush up their prior knowledge on it. The author has over a decade of experience in the field and shares his expertise in SEO, WordPress, and Social Media marketing.

“SEO Fitness Workbook, 2016 Edition” written by Jason McDonald
Written with the intent to instil practical uses, this book comes with worksheets that you can practice and provides other resources that can help you find more SEO tools on the Internet.

“The Link Building Book” written by Paddy Moogan
This 300-page book was written by a leading expert in this industry who explained into great details the process of link building.

Be Updated With New SEO Trends

Always remember that with SEO books the dates they were written do matter. SEO and online marketing are ever changing techniques. Thus, it is important to remember that past practices may no longer be relevant today or in the future. For example, Google’s Disavowal Tool has been released in 2012 and was not in use before that year. Therefore, it is imperative to double check the concepts you learned from actual books to the latest online articles written by experts in the field of Internet marketing.