If there is any one department in the comprehensive area that we refer to as Medical Science which might be safe, It is stated to be the keystone of all medical knowledge then it must be pathology.

As pathology studies diseases itself. Based on the Wikipedia, pathology is the exact analysis and diagnosis of disorder. This specialty addresses the four components of ailment, specifically – etiology or cause, pathogenesis or mechanics of growth, morphological growths or structural changes in cells, and lastly the clinical manifestations of it or, in other words, the consequences of changes.

The value of good quality pathology books hardly needs emphasis here. As starting from the undergraduate students to the senior most pathologist working in the said area all need several pathology novels not only to comprehend and grasp the fundamental conceptual framework of the discipline of pathology but also to keep themselves abreast of the most recent developments and advancement made in this division of medical science.

The division of pathology itself is further divided into sub specializations based on either the system or the focus of the examination one is concentrating on.

Interestingly enough, the knowledge of pathology came about from dead bodies as individuals from very early times naturally were curious to find out what the results are to the body after a man has expired. This enthusiasm, in turn led to the following emergence of the area of medical science called pathology and new discovering.

Medical tests clearly form one of the central functions of the pathologists. And this leaves pathology as the one area that reaches right all other branches of medicine. Additionally, this is because diagnosis is the critical function of all patient care.

Top quality books on pathology would be those that cover in adequate detail all these sub regions mentioned above and more. A striking attribute of all pathology books irrespective of the level that it’s addressing is that there has to be loads of visual support for the text as most functions of the pathologist happens in the laboratories simply.