Do I need to read?

Running a business can be a tricky thing. It’s a continuous process, and really, there’s no single ample solution to every problem that may arise. We’ve seen dozens and dozens of books being sold in bookstores and online, promising that they will solve problems about business planning or the succession planning process in case you finally want to enjoy your retirement.But the million dollar question is, do they really deliver?

No matter what business you have, various experts offer to give answers to all your questions. Because there are countless varieties to choose from, and since we do not want to waste precious time and money on something that doesn’t help, we’ll try to be as stringent as possible. We’d rather choose from what really are the best business books.

What book can ‘really’ help

business books Craig WestA great pick for this category are Craig West’s critically acclaimed books – ‘Enjoy It’; ‘Build It’ and ‘Protect It’. Craig West is the founding owner of Succession Plus, Australia’s largest top tier strategic firm that offers expert advice on exit planning and succession. In 2010, he joined the Exit Planning Institute in the United States, thus becoming a Certified Expert Planning Advisor (CEPA). Four years later, he was awarded the prestigious ‘Exit Planner of the Year’ award for the tremendous accomplishments he had contributed to the field.

His book ‘Enjoy It’ is a one stop guide for small and medium business owners. It details a 21-step succession planning processthat every business owner should know about. It stresses the importance of preparing yourself for future endeavors in the event that you decide to leave your business or sell your assets.

He also recognizes the importance of having consistently high performing manpower. With ‘Build It’, he concentrates on giving guidelines on how to bring out the best in your workers by motivating them to strive and reach for their best potential.

‘Protect It’, another one of his books, teaches us the importance of asset protection. From years of extensive knowledge and invaluable experience, he knows and understands that a lot of entrepreneurs make the fatal mistake of not protecting their property. Since most businessmen consume a lot of their time and energy focusing on making their business grow, they sometimes tend to forget something extremely vital in keeping things intact, securing their assets.In this book, he made a 6-step guide that would help business owners know how they can safeguard the things that they worked extremely hard for.

Learn from the expert

Craig West understands the risks of not being proactive; of not knowing what to do under the worst circumstances, so he offers advice that are not only beneficial but relevant to all business owners as well. His tips are efficient and practical, as he treats each client with respect and high regard. He knows his way around the complicated world of business and he never gets tired of sharing his expertise to each and every aspiring entrepreneur that would take time to listen.